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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  July 31, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning, america. developing now, global health emergency. the number of ebola cases spiking overnight. doctors in the u.s. put on high alert. one er in north carolina temporarily shuts down and for the first time we hear from the man who discovered the virus. breaking overnight, a massive manhunt over. s.w.a.t. teams going door to door guns drawn searching for this man suspected of killing a police officer at a routine traffic stop. the dramatic end to the all day pursuit. i'm full throttle. i'm going down. >> this small plane crash caught on camera going down in a target parking lot. heroes racing to pull the pilot and a passenger from the flaming wreckage. >> there's a real buzz in the air. can you hear it? mm. and the domestic diva has a drone and look how she's putting it to work.
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martha stewart's fabulous photos going viral. what she reveals about what she loves about her drone and how she's living with a good thing. good morning, america. well, now that martha has got one, we all got to get one. >> she can send it to my house for thanksgiving with a fully prepared meal. >> oh, yeah, delivery. >> we'll hear more about martha, martha stewart's drone in a bit. headlines overnight on that fast-moving ebola outbreak. new warnings out and many people wondering if it could trigger an even bigger epidemic. >> latest numbers coming in. 1,323 cases right now. 729 deaths. abc's bazi kanani is tracking it all from washington. good morning, bazi. >> reporter: good morning, george. string gent new measures to contain the outbreak.
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in liberia, schools are now closed until further notice. and everyone is being ordered to stay home this friday while public facilities are disinfected. in west africa this morning, doctors screening airline passengers as fears mount about the spread of the worst ebola outbreak in history. >> if we don't fight it and contain it there we will be fighting it and trying to contain it in other places. >> reporter: here in the u.s. high alert at hospitals like one in charlotte, the er closed wednesday until doctors cleared a patient who had recently traveled to west africa. a false alarm for one family, but not for another in minnesota. patrick sawyer died just weeks before returning from liberia. >> i have three girls who will never get to know their father. >> health care providers who have come in contact with patients or in close contact with ill people are at the highest risk. >> reporter: the concern about the outbreak intensifying just as some 50 african leaders and
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their dell gag, some from affected countries, are set to travel to the u.s. for a u.s./africa summit next week. the cdc says there is not significant risk here in the u.s., yet, some in the medical community urge caution. >> i think we should be on alert. i don't want to cause panic but people need to be concerned and pay attention. >> reporter: the white house says the ebola outbreak does not change any plans for the historic u.s./africa leader shument but the presidents of the three most affected countries are canceling their trips expected to stay home to deal with this health emergency. george. >> a lot to deal with. bazi, thanks. let's talk to dr. richard besser about this. this is the worst outbreak of ebola ever as we have heard. you see the african nations struggling to control it. >> that's right. one of the big problems here, usually these occur in remote villages and you can isolate it and let it burn itself out. here's it's on the border of three countries and unable to get people to go to the hospital
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and track people who may have been in contact. >> we also read, you know, one of the researchers who discovered the virus more than 30 years ago came out with an interview saying he would happily sit next to an infected person on a train. >> i would not want to sit next to someone who is infected on a train but his point is a good one. this is not infectious in the way that the flu is or measles spreading through the air. you see these suits and think it's highly contagious but the reason you wear the suit is that there's no vaccine to protect you and no treatment if you're to get it and it's highly deadly. this is not spread except through close contact with body fluids or surfaces that have been contaminated. >> the u.s. has temporarily withdrawn peace corps volunteers this those countries but you are awe not terribly concerned about the spread here to the united states. >> i would not be surprised if we see isolated case as rife here. you can have no simms for three weeks after you've been infebruaried but those cases would not spread it around the country. we have good hospitals and good infection control. >> okay, rich besser, thanks
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very much. now to that massive manhunt for a cop killer in minnesota that ended overnight with the dramatic shoot-out. it all went down in a quiet st. paul suburb and abc's pierre thomas has the story. pierre. >> reporter: good morning, amy. after a tense manhunt a suspected cop killer has been wounded and is now in custody. overnight the search for 39-year-old brian fitz ending the way it began, with him opening fire on police. authorities locating him in this suburb after receiving a tip from the public. authorities say fitz made a u-turn after seeing police but was blocked by a patrol car. >> he started a fire and officers from the passenger side at that time returned fire striking fitch several times. >> reporter: fitch seen here arriving at a local hospital. his condition unknown this morning. an unidentified female traveling with him was also wounded. but police say her injuries were not life-threatening.
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dramatic shootout happened less than four miles from where he is suspected of shooting scott patrick, a 19-year veteran on a routine traffic stop. a massive dragnet with s.w.a.t. teams searching door to door, automatic rifles drawn. he left behind a wife and two teenage children. >> he was a very dedicated police officer and a family man who absolutely adored his children. >> reporter: for police it's ban a violent week with six officers shot in north carolina, new jersey and new york. this year the number of officers killed by fireairports is up a staggering 65%. amy? >> tragic numbers. pierre thomas, thank you so much. >> that is staggering. we return to that deadly small plane crash that came down in a parking lot, the scene all caught on tape with good samaritans quickly racing to pull the pilot and passenger from the wreckage. abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: this morning chilling video taken moments after a small plane came
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crashing down in a san diego parking lot. two women trapped inside. >> i'm full throttle. i'm going down. >> reporter: air traffic control audio capturing the moments just before disaster. >> oh, my god. i'm not getting any altitude here. >> reporter: the badly injured women were quickly dragged from the flailing wreckage by good samaritans. jerry helped pull out the pilot. >> i said, we've got to get you out of here and she said, well, my leg is broken. it's broken bad. i said, i know that. we have to get you out of here. >> reporter: the plane failed to land at a nearby airfield and clipped the top of this target store before crashing into a fireball on the blacktop seen in this footage. the aircraft's wheel ripped from the fuselage. >> all i saw was a big piece of white metal flying into the sky. >> reporter: the 52-year-old pilot and her 80-year-old passenger were transported to a local hospital where that passenger later died. at least one good samaritan also received minor injuries.
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this is at least the fourth small plane crash in just the past two weeks. one on a nevada highway and two more in florida. this one in venice beach killing two people. eyewitnesses are praising the pilot for landing in an area where there were no cars or people and to one on the ground was injured. that pilot is actually expected to survive. >> thank goodness for that. okay, reena, thanks very much. to "gma weekend" anchor dan harris back with the other top stories. >> good morning, everybody. let's start with the breaking news overnight. israel calling up another 16,000 reservists for the fight in gaza saying it is only days away from destroying all the tunnels that hamas militants have been using to infiltrate israel but international outrage is at a buying point as more civilians and more children die. abc's david wright is in gaza. david. >> reporter: good morning, dan. over the past 24 hours we've seen two mass casualty attacks here in gaza. the shelling of a u.n. school serving as a refugee camp and an attack on the busiest market in town just before sunset.
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the death toll on the palestinian side, overall now stands at more than 1300 people of most of them civilians. the obama administration issued a strongly worded condemnation of the attack on the u.n. school but without calling out israel specifically and the u.s. defense department has confirmed that it is resupplying israel with munitions providing mortars and grenades to be used in this fight. dan. >> no end in sight. david, thank you. back now to the u.s. and a new case underscoring the growing concern about homegrown terrorists. "the new york times" reporting this morning that an american due side bomber who blew up a restaurant in syria actually came back home to the u.s. just before carrying out his deadly attack. he grew up in a gated community in florida before moving overseas to train with syrian militants. a rare political move in d.c., house republicans voted to sue president obama claiming that he overstepped his constitutional authority when he implemented his health care law. a federal judge will have the
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final say on whether the lawsuit can actually go forward. a new development in the irs scandal, the agency is accused of targeting conservative groups and newly released e-mail shows lois lerner used an expletive to describe republicans and called them, quote/unquote, crazies. extremely close call in california. look at this hiker on a dangerous trail near pasadena. she starts sliding down a cliff and loses her footing, dropping about 40 feet. it is truly harrowing to watch but then she tumbles into that tree which saves her life. she was later rescued and we should say five hikers have actually died on this trail so the forest service is finally closing it. hard to take your eyes off that video. a freak accident near boston. this ax flew off of a landscaping truck and sliced through the windshield of a moving car landing on the dashboard just inches from the woman in the passenger seat. good thing they were not tailgating and i can tell you
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having grown up in boston tailgating is very, very common there. finally, the perfect combo of a home run and hole in one. pay attention to this strahan. this is perfect unless you're on the receiving end. check out what happens to a woman drinking beer in the outfield in san francisco. boom! >> whoa. >> right in her cup. >> through the cup. >> destroying it. >> look at that. >> oh, my gosh. >> my favorite comment about this comes from somebody online who says, "that beer probably saved her from a broken rib, just goes to show you beer can solve all of your pain." that comment does not reflect the views of abc news. >> does she get the ball. >> $15 for that. >> absolutely, right. >> free for life after that one. >> wow, thank you, dan. we move on now to a health alert for some swimmers. there is a potentially deadly flesh-eating bacteria infecting people in florida. officials reporting one death this week. these germs can breed in warm coastal and inland waters and abc's matt gutman has the latest
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from bal harbour, florida. >> reporter: good morning, amy. health officials are warning that alert is statewide and say to the millions of people who are going to seek relief in the bathtub warm waters of florida's bays like this, if you have a cut on your foot, avoid going into these waters. it could be deadly. this morning, florida health officials on alert. a potentially deadly bacteria lurking in florida's placid waters. it's also known as a flesh-eating bacteria killing one person and sending another to thesarasota county. the bacteria can be stunning deadly once it enters the blood system killing 50% of those infected. the flesh-eating form of vibrio is contracted most often when it enters through an open wound and officials warn those who are immune compromised or have liver disease, it could be a life-threatening situation.
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the infection can spread within hours as jake so painfully learned. >> i learned it was vibrio. i was so scared. >> reporter: the 13-year-old contracted the killer bacteria while fishing for scallops with his family. he's now recovering after a third round of medications. so far this year, the bacteria has infected 11 people in florida killing two of them. last year's outbreak infected 41 and killed 11. the bacteria has also struck in louisiana, alabama and mississippi. but with 1350 miles of coastline, florida is ground zero. >> just be dill cent if you have an open wound, cut, child, adult, should be aware there's a risk associated. >> reporter: now officials tell me as the mercury rises so will the number of infections this summer they say that the bacteria lives on the bottom here so if you do want to go into water like this and have a cut or wound on your footwear boot, cover up.
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they say try to avoid eating shellfish, especially oysters. this stuff does look good but this summer just cook it. >> all right, i feel like you should step out that have water right now. all right. thank you. >> with the boots. high-profile trial of a michigan man charged with murdering an unarmed teen on his front porch. the prosecution has rested. now theodore wafer and his defense team are trying to convince the jury that the shooting was not a crime. abc's alex perez has the story. >> reporter: theodore wafer's defense attorneys slamming investigators on the witness stand wednesday accusing authorities of compromising evidence after wafer shot and killed 19-year-old renisha mcbride. >> don't you agree that it would have been best that night to call the experts in and have them process it? >> it wasn't a whodunit. we had mr. wafer admitting or saying that it was an accident. >> reporter: defense attorneys argue wafer intentionally fired his 12 gauge shotgun in
7:15 am
self-defense when mcbride ended up on his front porch intoxicated and backing on his door in the middle of the night last november. at the center of this case was mcbride threatening wafer? >> it appears the distance between the end of the barrel and the decedent was less than three feet. >> reporter: prosecutors resting their case wednesday. the defense calling a forensic pathologist who believes mcbride had markings on his left hand the defense believes are injuries from trying to break into the home. >> the bleeding injury from the back of the hand is fresh, not dried and it had just happened. >> reporter: wafer's defense attorney is speaking out. will jurors know what he was thinking? >> i hope he can put themselves in his shoe and realize what terror somebody would experience at 4:30 in the morning when you think multiple people are breaking into your house. >> reporter: carpenter won't reveal whether wafer who pleaded not guilty plans to take the stand. for "good morning america," alex
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perez, abc news, detroit. >> we'll switch gears. michael, you have a story about meals that can bulk you up. >> have you ever wondered what the unhealthiest meal you could eat is? >> yes. >> that's how i spend my weekends. what examine i eat? well, we have an answer. a new report found the meals with colossal calorie counts from more than 200 chain restaurants, you might be a little surprised. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: it's one of the few awards a restaurant may not want to win. the annual extreme eating awards. the results of a survey conducted by the center for science and the public interest every year calling attention to the massive calorie counts on some menu items. >> americans consume a third of their calories in restaurants so what they're choosing in restaurants really does matter. >> reporter: this year the startling numbers from the cspi show how hard it says you have to work out to burn off the
7:17 am
meals. personal trainer latirial helping me get in shape. 7.5 hours of rowing will make up for this steak dinner from maggiano's. this deep dish pizza, five hours on the bike. and for a cheesecake factory peanut butter chocolate cheesecake, how long we got to do this? >> 4.5 hours! >> reporter: cspi says seven hours of swimming laps will eliminate the calories in cheesecake factory's bruleed french toast. and for chevy's super cinco combo, hit the court for 3.5 hours. the restaurants that responded to our request for comment say they offer a variety of options for customers, some even allowing customized dishes with, yeah, fewer calories. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> i mean it's incredible, gio was supposed to be here this morning. still at the gym working off
7:18 am
those calories. >> looks like he could handle seven hours at the gym, though. >> yeah, daily. >> that story is so depressing, though. >> you and i had weekend plans, burgers. >> right, either that or we'll do nine hours in the gym afterwards which would be scary giving who i'd be working out with. >> i'd like to see that. what we want to see, more about the flooding, rain and storms in texas, oklahoma? >> yeah, both, texas and oklahoma had flooding rains and dallas is where we want to be. north of dallas actually. we've got video and you can hear it right here. [ sirens ] >> yeah, that would be the flooding happening. but minimal fortunately and dan stole my clicker so i'll have him click through the one that goes forward. there you go. the stationary front -- oh, goodness, i was going to show you a lot of rain but he clicked ahead. there it is, max brought it back and right there up into little rock, too. your local weather forecast in just 30 seconds. .
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>> reporter: hello, everybody, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. it's a dry morning commute for you on storm tracker 6 live double scan. lots of sun up over the horizon. cool and comfortable with many areas in the 60s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 84 degrees, mixture of clouds seven and, slight chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm especially later today and early this evening, in the northern and western suburbs. another chanceful thunderstorm
7:20 am
around tomorrow, 82 the high, rain on saturday. ginger has her clicker back. >> no, she doesn't. i still have it. the federal agent charged with murder in paradise. the whole incident caught on surveillance video. now on the stand in his dramatic retrial. the former governor of virginia and his wife on trial for corruption. their rocky marriage and a love triangle taking center stage. martha stewart is living with a drone. putting it to work. the domestic diva revealing why the drone is a good thing. brand-new video of prince harry after the break. ♪ on top of the world
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[server] dreaming about your wedding, huh? [customer] yes! actually. [server] with a big ice sculpture and a string quartet?
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[violins playing] [customer] yeah. how'd you know? [server] you've got the new instant game from pennsylvania lottery. [customer] yeah. $1 million golden ticket, with 5 top prizes of 1 million bucks. [narrorator] want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life. >> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:26 a.m. on this thursday, last day in the month of july, let's talk about how to get you to work on time with karen rogers. >> reporter: got to get you there to ease you into the end of the week, this is i-95 southbound jammed from past the
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betsy ross bridge to girard. northbound we are doing just fine, we had an earlier accident, that has cleared. i-95 southbound no accidents, just a slow go. as you look at the big picture, you can see speeds at 21 miles per hour i-95 southbound, the schuylkill expressway is 15 miles per hour, heavier there from past the boulevard to belmont. we had a disabled vehicle on i-95 southbound near the walt whitman bridge watch for that. the mann center concert at 8:00 a.m., extra congestion there. if you're heading to great adventure we're getting a five to ten delay because of a new accident i-195 eastbound blocking the right and left lane. >> taking a live look here, ben franklin bridge, cloud cover overhead, david murphy has the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: a little sweep of clouds coming through, but overall it's a sun and clouds
7:28 am
kind of day. we're at 67 degrees, 62 in allentown, 70 down the shore. this afternoon, 84 clouds and sun mixing. there's a slight chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm later today or this evening. that's north and west of philadelphia. warm and humid, 82 tomorrow. rain saturday morning, matt. >> some fear an internet challenge for teens to set themselves on fire, will video, find out more at
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♪ are you ready ready ready for ♪ katy perry. her dark horse and she's now come up with new -- she says she's ready to become a mom and says she doesn't necessarily need to wait for mr. right to do it. we'll get into that here on "good morning america." >> there's always mr. right now. >> wow. >> i'm just saying. >> bah-dum-bum. >> revealing -- >> or find a lot of katy perry on this guy's playlist. >> i do like katy perry. i went to see her the other night. >> how was it? >> it was great and got to meet her. she's amazing. i think part of this is her sister just had a baby three months ago and so -- >> that baby -- >> a new baby will do that to you. also coming up on the show we have the former virginia governor and his wife on trial
7:31 am
for corruption. their rocky marriage and a love triangle is front and center with the key witness on the stand. and look at those beautiful pictures. every single one was taken by martha stewart's drone. looks like dan and katy in the backyard hanging out. i learned so much about you. the domestic diva revealing why she thinks the drone is a good thing. >> do you need a license for that? and also coming up, the most heartbroken man in america is here, nick, from bachel"the bachelorette." >> he caused quite a buzz online. but first the case of a federal agent on trial for a second time for murder. christopher deedy shot and killed a man. he's claiming self-defense, his trial ended in a hung jury now trying to convince a second jury to clear his name and neal karlinsky has the story. >> i took those two shots.
7:32 am
he came back down on top of me. and didn't punch me again. >> reporter: deedy trying to explain his version of what you see on this surveillance video. agent deedy and the khaki shorts and light-colored shirt scuffling with then shooting and killing 23-year-old colin elderts. >> i was trying to keep control of the firearm. >> that's what you were doing but what were you thinking? >> i was thinking i was going to die. >> reporter: deedy was off duty at the time and claimed the victim was hassling customers and acting aggressively. >> put my hands up, said, stop, i'll shoot. pleaded them to stop what they're doing. >> reporter: the jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict has prosecutors tried to prove he was drunk, out of line and guilty of second degree murder. >> the defendant was fueled by alcoh alcohol, primed by warnings about hostile lows and imbued
7:33 am
with a sense of entitlement? one of the key advantages for prosecutors they can correct mistakes that they made the first time around. >> reporter: he has pleaded not guilty. legal experts believe his fate rests in his own hands. his testimony last time versus this time will be dissected and compared by prosecutors. >> just happened so fast, escalated so quickly. >> reporter: in a blow to the defense the judge will not allow this cell phone video to be shown in which he can be seen trying to keep elderts alive telling him to breathe and trying to stop the bleeding. >> i didn't try to kill anybody when i got involved. the whole reason i got involved was to stop anybody from getting hurt to begin with. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> that's a tough story. to the former virginia governor who is on trial on corruption charges. if convicted he could go to jail tore years. the twist in the case, his rocky marriage is at the heart of the case for the defense. abc's ryan smith has that story.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this morning, former virginia governor bob mcdonnell and his wife maureen on trial facing bombshell accusations from the prosecution's star witness, nutrition company ceo johnny williams that the couple took $165,000 in lavish gifts and loans in exchange for political favors. both have pleaded not guilty and the former first couple's lawyers using an unorthodox almost scandal-like defense? we're supposed to be partners. we're supposed to be in this together. >> reporter: maureen's attorney claiming her client accepted gifts from williams not as a political bribe but because she had a crush on him. >> i'm sure they don't want to air their dirty laundry but when you're facing decades in prison, that's a little consolation in order to avoid a conviction. >> reporter: williams testified that in 2011, the former first lady agreed to promote one of his nutrition supplements for cash and gifts. claiming she said, quote, the governor says it's okay for me to help you but i need you to
7:35 am
help me with this financial situation. williams also testified he took mrs. mcdonnell on a luxury shopping spree spending 20 grand in stores like bergdorf goodman and louis vuitton. prosecutors also claim the mcdonnells accepted a personalized rolex and a $50,000 loan from williams among the lavish gifts and favors. here's governor mcdonnell driving williams' ferrari. from the beginning mr. mcdonnell claiming he stayed on the right side of the law. >> i never promised and mr. williams and his company never received any government benefit. >> reporter: if convicted on all 14 counts charged, the mcdonnells face more than 20 years in prison. in opening statements the former governor's lawyer says mr. mcdonnell will take the stand and will open up about his marriage and life to prove to the jury that the allegations aren't true. >> boy, he has to show a lot in order to make that case. >> some tough evidence against him. >> yeah, okay. >> thank you. let's go to ginger now. >> getting a little rocky in western new york.
7:36 am
i want to start with a severe thunderstorm warning. what's happening in geneva, new york, that would be hail and now there is a warning back out there and that would be somewhat enhanced by some lake effect so a cool and stormy thwart to the day and milder here along the east coast. this may be your last dry day in a lot of places because look at prime as we go through the early part of the weekend, up to 4 inches then up along the east coast, it's a lot. we're talking 3, 4 and we've had such a nice stretch of . >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace, we have clouds mixing with sunny breaks, temperatures in the 60s. 84 is the high, clouds anticipate sun, slight chance of a spotty evening thunderstorm mainly north and west, more humi >> all that weather brought to you by ashley furniture. you know what i think this is. dan's punishment for stealing my clicker. >> really? >> that's how karma works meteorologically. >> collective punishment.
7:37 am
coming up two parents trying to move their children off the autism spectrum. the remarkable new research proving it can happen in some cases. and martha stewart taking so many pictures with her drone, why she says it's a good thing.
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we're back at 7:41 with martha stewart who's speaking out about her love for drones. the domestic diva received one
7:41 am
as a birthday present and raved about it an essay she wrote about in "time" magazine. linsey davis has more. >> reporter: martha stewart's devotion to drones going viral. >> well, there's a real buzz in the air. can you hear it? >> reporter: the lifestyle guru writing a blog for "time" magazine titled "why i love my drone" saying drones can be useful tools and i am all about useful tools but useful for what? why taking breathtaking aerials of her 153-acre new york estate, of course. >> fabulous pictures, by the way. >> reporter: the domestic diva's trusty drone capturing these images of her expansive groups, flower gardens, green and guest house, check out her horses. not to mention that magnificent mansion. the homemaking guru writing imagine what louis xiv could have accomplished at versailles if he'd had one and stewart is not the only one drawn to the devices. michael bey seen here on
7:42 am
instagram assembling one and businesses like amazon announcing plans to deploy them. >> the fascination with drones is that they can see what we can't. and anyone can use it. you can hook it up to your iphone and you can go up to like 900 feet. >> reporter: but stewart acknowledges the popular gadgets that the world spends an estimated $5 billion on amelie do raise questions about safety and privacy. tweeting that they're controversial but fabulous. controversial, indeed. the faa investigating an unmanned aircraft operation reportedly used to film this new york congressman's wedding last month. and police in seattle now pushing for new laws against drones after one man took his for a spin around the city's space needle just last week. a hobby stewart clearly enjoys pursuing. stewart says she used it to film party, a day at the beach, a hike in the woods and other properties and asked by "vanity
7:43 am
fair" what her neighbors thought of it. she said, oh, i don't have neighbors. >> not on 150 acres. >> must be nice. >> good answer. >> it's good to be martha stewa stewart. let's put it that way. prince marry's new full time job and what he's fighting for. the hearbroken bachelor is here live, nick is opening up by trying to win back andi and the shocking moment everyone is still talking about. when folks think about what they get from alaska, they think salmon and energy. but the energy bp produces up here creates something else as well: jobs all over america. engineering and innovation jobs. advanced safety systems & technology. shipping and manufacturing. across the united states, bp supports more than a quarter million jobs. when we set up operation in one part of the country, people in other parts go to work. that's not a coincidence. it's one more part of our commitment to america.
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7:47 am
♪ michael, this is usually your segment open mike but i'm hijacking it today for a very, very good reason. listen to that song. ♪ >> oh. >> standing in the hall of fame by the script. you know why we're playing it. this weekend, saturday, you are being inducted into the nfl hall of fame. congratulations. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you. thank you. i'm not going to cry. >> promises he's not going to cry. we'll see saturday. but first take a look at this. >> michael strahan. quarterback killer. >> michael strahan. >> strahan. >> strahan. >> record breaker. >> gets the record. >> reporter: and now hall of famer. michael strahan didn't just play the game, he changed it. >> michael, just want to say congratulations on going into the hall of fame this weekend. it is an honor that is truly
7:48 am
deserved by you and it was an honor for me to be your teammate for all those years. >> reporter: 15 epic seasons as the new york giants star defensive end, 868 tackles, 7 pro bowls, 141.5 sacks against 64 different quarterbacks. crumbling all the greats from brett favre to tom brady. >> strahan! he gets the sack. >> congratulations, michael, on your hall of fame career. it'll be a great induction ceremony. you certainly deserve it and you're one of the best that ever played. it was a privilege to play against you and congratulations. have a great weekend. >> michael's military dad always told him those six day a week practices would pay off and they sure did. now the greatest honor for one of the greatest players ever to take the field. >> michael, we're so proud of you here. we're so excited about coming to canton this weekend and seeing you enshrined in the pro football hall of fame. we look forward to seeing your bust there among the great giants who are enshrined there and believe me, you deserve it,
7:49 am
big guy, and you are a great giant. >> oh. >> that is -- [applause] >> nice. >> remember, you said you weren't going to cry. you have to make it through. >> then you got tom brady my opponent to say something nice. there's power with this show. >> he has forgiven you for sacking him which is a very moving moment. >> the surprises are not over yet. we have a special guest in the studio right now. come on out. >> howie long from fox. >> brother, howie, how are you doing? >> we're the only two guys who can lift me up make me feel like a kid. >> i heard you have something big going on this week so got off my boat in montana and hopped on a plane and came out here. >> i love you. >> i love you too. >> i appreciate it. i get to follow in your footsteps. what a lot don't know, howie and i had the same coach earl leg
7:50 am
g leggett. if howie went over in a row of 20 guys, i could recognize his butt because we watched so much film of the great howie long. >> it's a bond that goes beyond fox and playing football. we were brought up by the same guy and he was a remarkable coach who had a great coach in mike waffle who now ironically enough coaches my son in st. louis but earl challenged us and took us places physically and emotionally and i don't think either one of us knew we could get to. >> what's your favorite michael memory? >> golly, there's so many. >> football. football. >> the interesting thing is, you know, i go back to it always goes back to the same thing. when earl called me up and said, it was around 1992, '93 when you were coming out, he said i got the next one. he's a little higher cut than you. he's got longer legs. i'm a little lower cut and he said, he said something to both
7:51 am
of us that i thought was very prophetic. he said if you do what i tell you to do and you work as hard as you possibly can, i'll make you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and make you a household name in every home in america. top of the world, mom! how about that? >> he did it. this is surreal. i feel like a little boy right now. you guys are getting to me. >> kind of shrinking a little. >> i am. >> humble too. >> it's nice. >> you know what, because none of this i ever imagined. i ever dreamed -- i loved howie and all the other guys and just wanted to be a great player and live up to what the guys were in the hall of fame had done before so i'm just honored you guys did this today. >> a great guy. >> i'm sure the folks here at "good morning america" are starting to realize what a great guy you are. something we've known at fox for some time. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> congratulations. >> we'll be right back. >> coming up, "good morning america's" "deals & steals" brought to you by bank of ameri america. use your bankamericard cash
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56, it is thursday, july 31. schuylkill expressway problems, karen rogers here with traffic. hi, karen. >> reporter: we never like it when we hear those things put into sentence, right, the schuylkill expressway off on the shoulder, eastbound traffic on the schuylkill expressway jamming from belmont to montgomery, we can see police and penndot on the scene with this as well. westbound jammed from the boulevard to gladwyn. we have an accident in whitpain township, skip pack pike. pennsylvania turnpike, an
7:57 am
accident eastbound past fort washington, but it's westbound that's jammed, that's the normal delay there. another new accident, it's quiet all morning, we're seeing everything happen as people are out and about, hammonton, atlantic county, on the atlantic city expressway a vehicle ran off the road. and one in ocean county, as well, an accident if you're heading to great adventure. let's head to sky 6. rays of sunshine are pocketing through there, david murphy has the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: temperatures are popping up to 70 down the shore, 68 in philadelphia, 66 in wilmington and allentown, 65 comfortable degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 84. clouds mixing with sun. there's a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm later today or this evening, north and west of philadelphia. warm and humid tomorrow,
7:58 am
late-day thunderstorm and saturday morning rain. >> the in. lb trade deadline is -- mlb trade deadline ends today at
7:59 am
00 i'm suru de lome. >> he's heartbroken after one of the most buzzed about moments, nick is here live. ♪ i'm on top of the world prince harry speaks out. his full time job right now and what happened when royalty rocked the radio. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger >> and katy perry reveals she wants to have kids. why she doesn't need a dude to start a family. ♪ i'm so excited all that plus "deals & steals" that are big and julia louis-dreyfus as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:00 am
a whole bunch of kids from the boys & girls clubs of america coming into the studio right now. [ applause ] got this backpack. one of the things we're doing all morning long is filling up these backpack, trying to get 2,000 done. part of disney's summer of service be inspired campaign. how are you guys doing this morning. >> assembly line. come on. >> i'm sorry. yeah. >> you know, ne-yo was outside, grammy award winner waiting for that backpack. we have more on our special backpack drive and what you can do to pitch in and all that is coming up. ne-yo at the end of the line. >> moving through that. that's great and tell you more in a little bit. >> everybody hard at work. go the to love it. then we have nick viall, runner-up bachelor in social square. we'll talk to him about his emotional letter to bachelorette
8:01 am
andi dorfman talking wondering whether he's trying to get her back. >> a special message from robin. so much fun to see howie long here. she has a special message for you before this weekend. >> you know, someone once told me that you have a better chance of being elected president of the united states than to be elected into the pro football hall of fame. that's how difficult it is. so, michael, ah, such a high honor and so incredibly deserving. yes, you were number 92 in our perhaps but number 1 in our hears and you are an incredible, beautiful teammate an even better friend. so proud of you. [ cheers and applause ] >> got to love robin. thank you, thank you, robin. >> piling on for the next few hour. >> fighting back tears every second. i was saying earlier i found a sensitive side i did not know i had. >> it's good to see it. "gma weekend" anchor dan harris is here today, got the rest of the morning's top stories. i knew he was sensitive just for the record.
8:02 am
beautiful man. all right. we'll start with that public health emergency being declared because of the worst ebola outbreak in history. more than 1300 cases are now confirmed in these african countries on your screen, the death toll topping 700. the peace corps is evacuating hundreds of volunteers from the affected areas and schools are now closed in liberia where an american doctor and aid worker who contracted the virus are fighting for their lives. hospitals here in america are on high alert but a scientist who helped discover the virus and this is a hopeful note says an epidemic outside of africa is, quote/unquote, likely. new worries this morning that the war in gaza could be intensifying. the israeli military has called up another 1600 reservists as it vows to destroy all of the underground tunnels being used by hamas militants to attack israel but international outrage over civilian casualties is now growing. more than 1300 palestinians have died so far. dramatic video this morning after a small plane crashed into this crowded parking lot of
8:03 am
costco near san diego. moments after impact, a good samaritan was able to pull a woman out of the burning wreckage. sadly another woman was, however, killed. the pilot was trying to land at a local airport. in southern california, a kidnapping suspect led police on a wild chase through malibu until he ran out of road. he then took off on foot. choppers tracking his every move and stumbled down a steep hill and eventually fell to the ground exhausted and out of options until he was eventually arrested. the woman he allegedly tried to kidnap is safe this morning. a different kind of highway drama in arizona. a man rushing his pregnant wife to the hospital ran out of time so he used his emt training and he helped deliver his daughter right there in the family minivan. great story, happy ending. finally, when it comes to cooking the ultimate steak forget about barbecue. a british chef discovered red hot molten lava is really the
8:04 am
only way to go using an artificial volcano sam figured out when you cook it over lava there is no smoke and since it's hour heat it sees quickly without char and the best way to deal with meat is add a level of unnecessary danger. >> where does someone get lava. >> the lava store. >> i'm googling that right now, ginger. get back to you. >> he left that out of the piece. moving on to prince harry speaking out about a cause very important to him, wounded warriors. and his new help to get them back. linzie janis has the story. >> reporter: prince harry is a man on a mission. this morning instead of fighting for his country on the battlefield, he's fighting to raise awareness for our wounded heroes. >> the point of it is to basically use the power of sport to help these guys to rehabilitate and giving them a pathway back into employment. >> reporter: harry speaking to bbc radio overnight ahead of the
8:05 am
invictus games will showcase injured servicemen and women from 14 countries competing in everything from cycling to sitting volleyball and a concert to boot. >> the concert which everyone knows about is headlined from the foo fighters and james blunt and numerous other peep, so much i'm not allowed to mention. >> reporter: invictus means unconquered and hopes the games inspired by the u.s. warrior games will motivate those fought together will overcome their injuries. >> the americans have the warrior games for the last 4 1/2, 5 years and decided that it was such a wonderful concept we should steal it and make it bigger, better and open it up to a wider audience and bring it back home. >> reporter: for "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news. "pop news" and weather coming up. michael, you have the "morning menu." >> yes, i do. now, here a look at what's ahead in "pop news." katy perry revealing she wants to become a mom and why she's
8:06 am
not waiting for mr. right. and, of course, tory johnson is here with "deals & steals." live! there she is right there. our special backpack drive, members of the boys & girls club modeling theirs, what you can do to help right now. let me have that. all coming up live on "gma" here in times square. [ cheers and applause ] we made it. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by next judgment. new nexium 24 hour, now available without a prescription. ♪ i just can't hide it and "getting major kudos." just look at you. you're being healthy, even in little ways. that's worth celebrating. that's why walgreens created the first program that gives you rewards points just for healthy behavior. so stick with it. you've got a lot of people cheering you on... download the app and start getting rewarded today.
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all with no hoops to jump through. norm used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to enter the bbq masters invitational. where he smoked 40 pounds of ribs and the competition. that's the satisfaction of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you. ♪ strahan, my man, my friend. first of all, congratulations. well overdue, my man. i don't even know why you had to wait because to me you're one of the best that ever did it. not only that, you're a good dude, man. good dude. i hate to admit this but i will. i'm jealous of the guy. i went to my dentist because i have a beautiful smile. but i want a gap. they told me they couldn't give me a gap. why can you not give me a gap? i don't understand it. i want a gap, man. >> thank you primetime deion
8:10 am
sanders. i knew it would come in and rub off on some people. wow. wow. amazing. amazing. >> "pop news" time. >> yes. you guys can't make me cry and then expect me to talk about "pop news." all right, here we go. katy perry's opening up about mr. right in a new issue of "rolling stone" rocking out here to her smash hit "dark horse." the cover star revealing she's liking colorful personalities and holding out for the prince that fits her glass. the pop star told the magazine she does want to become a mom someday but does not necessarily hold out for the man of her dreams to make it happen. quote, it's 2014. we are living in the future and there's an option if someone doesn't present himself and we have -- >> sounds like a dare there. >> i notice all the guys behind the scenes doing jumping jacks trying to present themselves. no, not you guys. it's not going to happen. okay, i'm just reporting the news on this one. this is just my reporting. victoria secret has revealed
8:11 am
releases 2014 what is sexy list revealing the hottest celebs of the year and here are some of the ladies they love for the sexiest eyes. >> good one. >> emma stone. >> i definitely agree and the best sense of humor, zoe deschanel. very funny girl and sexiest social star with over 2 million twitter followers. shay mitchell from abc family's "pretty little liars" and the short hair i don't care award the one and only jennifer lawrence and they say they love her free spirit. >> she's fantastic. >> amy, short hair don't care, i love yours too. >> thank you, michael. i appreciate it. actually got jennifer lawrence's haircut. that's what i went in when i went to the hairstylist. >> i asked for it too and that's what i ended up with. to round out "pop news," meet stella, the star of the most popular video on youtube overnight, she's just speeding across the grass until those hindes legs come out from under her. it looks like a slip and slide and watched this.
8:12 am
what is wrong with this dog? but this is the way that stella found that she can cool off after a big day of running around and playing fetch and all that stuff and this is ingenious. this dog may be the smartest dog on the planet because stella doing this has over 500,000 views on youtube. >> sliding head first. >> like sliding head first. >> make a game out of it. cute. >> mo doubt. definitely is cute and, you know, the "heat index" is coming up, but first, our girl ginger has the weather. >> michael, we are out here busy. i mean boys & girls club, the backpacks, it is the assembly line taking full force but i have some friends from -- >> brownsville, texas. >> from brownsville, texas where we wanted to start. let's check in on the southwest starting with tucson where some of those storms will stretch up to boise and you can see right in between there some really gusty winds, not the perfect fire weather. remember some of those lightning storms come through and start fires, unfortunately. in the south look at the cool weather. i told you yesterday it was going to be cool and damp.
8:13 am
little rock, only 71. 84 only for a high in dallas, averages in the 90s. you're looking from coast to coast here but for now that is >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace, a lot of sun around with rays of sun breaking through the clouds here and there. we'll get up to 07 and wind up at 84. looks like humidity will behave itself with the mix of sun and clouds. there's a spans of spotty thunderstorm north and west of philadelphia. warm and humid tomorrow, spotty thundershowers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. humid with morning downpours on saturday an afternoon showers. >> we are packing here. put in one more. let me pack ha one. this is hard work out here. you guys get out and help. the volunteers making it look good. let aget back into the studio for now in okay, thank you, ginger. >> time for our "heat index." first up a new study on autism.
8:14 am
by one estimate 1 in 68 children have that disorder. a number climbing and thus new research sulgs it may be possible to move kids off the spectrum. juju chang has the details. >> reporter: meet 16-year-old mark and 17-year-old matt both active social high schoolers. both considered recovered from something that's long been considered irreversible. autism. mark's mom cynthia says his language skills began slipping at 14 months. >> they said we should consider institutionalizing him and trying again. to have another baby. and that just wasn't an option for us. >> reporter: lori noticed peculiar behaviors when matt was just 19 months. >> with we went to the pediatric developmental specialist, he told us at that time that he wasn't sure that he would ever be able to function on his own. >> reporter: both boys featured in this upmany come "new york
8:15 am
times" magazine story, showing 1 in 10 children shed symptoms entirely before adulthood. >> we did 45 hours of therapy in our home every week. >> reporter: cynthia credits years of applied behavior analysis or aba. but the road to autism recovery is different for each child. >> at 11 we had him re-evaluated and couldn't find any form of autism. >> reporter: lori fees early intervention with they are i is key. by the age of 10 she said matt outgrew his diagnosis, as well. >> his teachers didn't even have any idea that he'd ever been diagnosed. >> reporter: experts say while promising it shouldn't raise false hopes. >> there's no magic bullet. >> no magic bullet. no secret sauce. we need more investment in science and research to help us understand why these kids are responding so that we can offer this treatment and improvement opportunity to more children. >> reporter: but matt and mark believe they're living proof it's possible to move off the
8:16 am
autism spectrum and move on with life. >> it's a normal teenage life that i'm living now and it's really something i need to be grateful for. >> reporter: for "good morning america," juju chang, abc news, new york. dr. richard besser joins us now. so no magic bullet. no silver bullet but there are some encouraging signs here, right? >> you know, you hear these stories. you can't help but be optimistic but i'm very careful here because when we talk about autism. we're not talking about one thing. we're talking about a variety of different conditions that all appear the same with problems with communication, social interaction and behavior. >> do we know enough about autism? i mean could these children have had another issue? it's difficult to say. >> well, they clearly meet the definition of autism but i worry about the pressure this may put on parents because you'll have parents who recognized it early, got all the help that they could for their child and they don't see the same kind of progress and you're right. we need research to understand which children are going to respond and who its going to
8:17 am
respond to what ear therapy. >> what do you do to make sure your child has the best outcome? >> the first thing for every parent make sure you're seeing a doctor from the beginning who is screening. you know, from birth i'm always looking for developmental signs and if i see there's a problem i refer them. if your child is on the autism spectrum you want to make sure they're getting services. some schools will give three hours a week and some schools are going to give 30 hours a week and this family had 45 hours a week in the home and that's not accessible to everybody. we need to know who is going to benefit from that and which children is that really not going to do that much but early detection and early therapy is going to help every child reach their potential, whatever that is. >> all right. very good information. thank you so much, rich, thank you. well now to the stunning end to the "the bachelorette," andi dorfman picked josh murray leaving nick viall 33-year-old
8:18 am
software sales executive dumped by andi dorfman before he even got a chance to pick out a ring. >> totally shocked me. >> reporter: the emotional season ending instead with andi engaged to former pro baseball player josh murray but after the final rose we learned nick who had been a front-runner ever since willing the first impression road made multiple asteps to contact andi. >> she's not ready for you yet. >> reporter: even passing on a mysterious letter. finally the two would come face to face resulting in one of the most talked about mopes in "the bachelorette" history. >> if you weren't in love with me, i'm just not sure why you made love with me. i don't -- >> well, first of all, i think that's -- kind of below the belt. something that should be private
8:19 am
and kept private. >> another twist, that letter nick wrote posted on the show's facebook page riding in part "if you're truly happy with your decision then i want that happiness to continue for you. i just know i would much rather turn my life upside down and risk it all to have amazing with you." and nick viall joins us now. nick, i mean, i don't know what this has been like for you. all of this attention and you write this letter to win this girl back and your letter is being read out loud. you're very open and you were very vulnerable. we don't see men do that often. how are you feeling? how are you doing. >> i'm okay. it's been an extraordinary few days. i don't think i really even have taken it all in so i'm doing okay. i'm hanging in there? are you till in love with her? >> you know, i think monday was a lot of closure that i needed and she's obviously in a very happy relationship and very happy for the both of them so i very much have accepted her decision and, you know, looking
8:20 am
to move on but she'll always have a place in my heart. she's an incredible woman and so, yeah, i just need to move forward. >> when you listen to what you said to her, i mean you clearly thought she felt the same way about you. did she lead you on? >> you know, i think i was a little taken back on monday by her demeanor and some of the ships she said but at the same time i remember andi as a genuine and loving person as as much as monday night was an emotionally charged and kind of overwhelming night for me, you know, i'm sure it was difficult for her too so it's a tough situation for myself and probably for her, so i hope not certainly. but you know i'll always think fondly on the experience. >> you revealed on the after the final rose episode which was a live broadcast that the two of you had made love. she was upset, said it was below the belt. looking back do you wish you
8:21 am
hadn't said that and shown more discretion. >> i spent two incredible months with andi and i shared a lot of meaningful moments with her not just, you know, what i mention, i think what maybe looking back what's disappoint something that comment obviously it's polarizing and controversial and maybe kind of took away from the relationship itself and i certainly hope -- i didn't intend to put her on the spot or hurt her feelings and for that i feel bad about that. >> you go the a lot of backlash on social media. people were very upset. >> i've heard of that a little bit and certainly not my intention but it's not something that certainly i planned. i was just surprised as anyone. but at the same time, you know, i don't think it's -- i don't think sex is anything anyone should be ashamed about talking about but at the same time, yeah, i mean i wish i could have made been more delicate and maybe talked about the, you know, everything that was meaningful to me. >> you can tell your heart was in the right place.
8:22 am
nick, thank you so much for spending time with us and explaining it. we appreciate it. we want to put it out to you. how do you move on after your heart is broken. tweet @gma, #socialsquare. we want to head out to michael strahan outside. ♪ not about the money >> all right, thank you, amy. now to tory johnson here with "deals & steals" with prices so low, you can believe -- can you believe, $10 or less. remember to get right to our website on yahoo! for the information you need to get these bargains which are sure to fly fast so let's get started. >> let's go. >> let's go. here we go. first item, what do we got. >> this is from tattly, temporary tattoos created by a brooklyn mom because she wanted something safe, fun, nontoxic for her girls so they are fun. get a little ice cream cone and all kinds -- >> feathers and diamonds. >> all over the country but only here will you get them today for
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an amazing deal. regularly starting at just $5 -- >> depending on the sets you choose slashed this half so starting at 250 for a pack of tattoo fun plus free shipping from tattly. >> i'll take the carrot for later. >> there you go. >> what do we got next? dag. >> these are fun. six different styles of toothbreuers when you push the button they play a little song. they play a little song for two minutes which is the american dental association recommended brushing time so lots of fun for kids to get them brushing. normally $8, slashed in half, 4 bucks. >> you are just -- personally i don't think these are just for kids. i want one. the music -- my kind of tunes. what we got next? >> something fun too i think you'd love for your girls. these earrings, sterling earrings, you get a pair and a spare so when your girl loses one, mom's got another one put away in the drawer. tons of different styles to choose from both pierced and clip-ons starting at $39 slashed
8:24 am
by 75%, 10 bucks for your pair and a spare. >> oh, my goodness. being the father i might lose the spare. all right. here we go. what do we got next? >> a little melt your heart moment. look at your two little babies. >> daddy's girls. >> from personal creations. three different options of coin purses or cosmetics cases to choose from, either upload a photo and get it like that or you can use the waffle weave or quilted for an initial monogram. lots of fun. normally $15, 15 to 20, slashed in half, 7.50. >> i'm keeping the one with you and i. i'm keeping this one. >> oh, yeah. >> i'll keep my change in it. >> all right. last but not least. >> from the chocolate company, these are chocolate covered potato chips. belgium milk chocolate covered potato chips really great for -- >> why you do this to me. >> first this ink in the morning. taste them. i think you'll like them. 12 ounce bag in a gift box shipped with ice bucks slashed
8:25 am
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8:26 am
>> good morning, everyone, it is time to wake up, 8:30, july 31. let's go over to karen rogers with traffic. >> reporter: looking live at the schuylkill expressway, eastbound traffic you can see behind the bus there's an accident off to the side off to the shoulder, with police on this one. eastbound jammed from gladwyn to past montgomery. westbound jammed from the boulevard to gladwyn. i want to switch live as we switch live to south street, this is westbound on the schuylkill expressway on south street. this is causing a jamup from
8:27 am
passyunk avenue to south street. a new accident involving a tractor-trailer harleysville pike and main street. ridge road is closed, if you're in the area, pemberton road will help you around it. >> david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: it is getting warmer on the terrace, but not too bad. take a look we're at 68 degrees. we popped up over 70 in sea isle anne the book walked in atlantic city. this afternoon, accuweather says high of 84. a mixture of clouds and sun, a slight chance of a spotty thunderstorm or shower. tomorrow, warm and humid, 82. there could be a late-day thunderstorm there, as well. saturday, humid with downpours centered in the morning and early afternoon. later in the day we're probably
8:28 am
still fairly cloudy and unsettled with a scattered shower. matt it looks warm and humid on sunday with a spotty thunderstorm late in the day. >> one of the survivors of the fatal
8:29 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] and enrique iglesias, tomorrow, he will be here live right in central park for a party in the park. that's featuring sean paul, he'll be here too as a special guest. we cannot wait for that as we say good morning, america. big day in central park. >> i have a feeling there will be a lot of girls in the park tomorrowment and enrique will answer your twitter questions. that happens live today at 11:00 a.m. eastern, 10:00 central so just follow the "gma" account and tweet your questions for the superstar with #askenrique
8:30 am
kigma -- >> i'm working on a list. we should tell you that the singer ne-yo right over here, the boys & girls club are ready to pack as many backpacks as they can and talk about giving back. >> important project. look inside. let's see who is in the social square right now. there they are, maggie gyllenhaal and julia louis-dreyfus, two fantastic actresses in the social square having a blast in front of the twitter mirror. cannot wait too talk to both of them. first hollywood a-listers have personal stylists to help them. most cannot afford their own. there is a new online service that pairs you up with your very own stylist who can help you dress for success and it only costs, this is incredible, $20 a month. abc's abbie boudreau shows us how it all works. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: they're the celebrity closet confidantes, stylists like rachel zoe dressing hollywood's hottest from kate hudson to demi moore. >> beautiful. >> reporter: and now with just a
8:31 am
few clicks, you too can have your own personal glam guru for just 20 bucks. >> you try everything on at home in your own closet with your own shoes. >> it's called stitch fix and it's revolutionizing the way modern women shop. start by filling out a personal style profile online. then your very own stylist shops with you in mind and sends you five items in the mail including jewelry and clothing. if you want to keep them, the $20 you paid up front goes toward the price of the items. if you don't like anything, you simply send it all back but you lose the 20 you spent. >> how would you describe yourself? >> i think i am described as a edgy bow hoe. >> i love that. >> so because i'm a mom and so i wanted to have stuff that was easy to kind of chase the kids around in but still had an edge to it. >> reporter: working mom heather spor has been using the site for nine months. >> this is a huge win for me. i haven't bought any new clothes in i don't even know how long.
8:32 am
>> reporter: on her profile she marks the price rank she's willing to spend. they even send fashion cards with suggested styling options. and while sizing can vary from store to store, stitch fix makes sure to standardize their sizing options. >> we have our own like fit scales and we may know this is marked a 2 but actually fitting more hike a 4. >> reporter: without the hassle of shopping malls and long lines heather finds yet another perfect fit from the comfort of her home. is this a keeper? >> this is a keeper. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i'm taking notes. pretty good, didn't it? >> wow. $20 a month. amazing and we are always complaining about how we have to figure out what we're going to wear each day but i'm not contemplating about the weather. it's beautiful right now. >> gorgeous in new york city and it's going to be a little bit of a wet weekend but before we get to all of the beautiful volunteers and kyle who is my new best friend, what did you say to me? >> you're really awesome. did you realize that? >> this guy knows what he's doing with the women.
8:33 am
i do want to tell you about an event we are so pumped about. new york city's street soccer championship. it helps homeless and at risk youth improve their lives through sport. the urnamezed byci entpr o a ifcome all eve how about we go ahead and check the weather. how about that? i've been thanked many a time for the gorgeous morning we have here but things are about to change and i wanted to give you an idea what's happening twitterwise around the world. ocean city, new jersey, gosh, i nde'llee focu pictur: tha gdgeixture o n, the 60s. tnce ofpo wt. rought ong we whasgg on. t himes 'l people byg
8:34 am
thes es cl wois♪ >> repor 150clubave turned out t' rson i >nstrumental ci>> ity o >>ragirl-year-ou hav boys & gir of america, she came as the 5-year-old daughter of a single mom who couldn't always make enough time to spend with her little girl. the club became her cheering section and her family. >> they always encouraged ee to have a positive outlook on life and everything that i wanted to do, they just pushed me and at they told me i could do it and reach for the sky and nothing was too big, no dream was too big and that's what i really appreciate. >> reporter: and this summer so many young people are dreaming big answering the call to
8:35 am
volunteer to help other kids. to help change their worlds. with the helping hand from the walt disney company and the boys & girls clubs of america, to launch a new initiative called great futures. a future inspired by service to others. love that story, love her. she is here with us this morning. so great to see her. been such a great ambassador for the program all year long and joined by the cfo of the disney company and a member of the boys & girls club, jim clark. and ne-yo, as well and ne-yo, i got to start with you. boys & girls clubs, you grew up in it. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, you know, mom was, you know, doing a lot of working, you know, three, four, five jobs to make sure me and my sister never needed so the boys & girls club was our safe haven. that's where we made sure that we were okay while mom was out doing what she had to do, absolutely. >> it really worked. you've been giving back, as well. thank you for that. >> absolutely. >> jim, tell us about the great
8:36 am
futures campaign. >> thank you. at boys & girls clubs of america we believe every child deserves a great future and to have a great future they need the tools and resources like back-to-school supplies that we're working on today. but the campaign, the great futures campaign and campaign for perk's kids is about three main goals, by 2018 we want to ensure 1.4 million teens are on track to graduate from high school. 1.2 million teens provide 6 million hours of service and 6 billion different initiatives around, healthy lifestyles will happen by 2018 that kids will lead a healthier lifestyle so 6 billion hours. >> that is huge. 6 billion and jim -- >> by 2018. >> tell us why it's so important to disney. >> you know, george, disney and the boys & girls club share a commitment to kids. for over 50 years dating back to walt disney himself disney has partnered with boys & girls club to provide kids with the tools
8:37 am
and the resources so that at the can create the great futures that they can imagine. >> this is just part of the whole summer of service. >> it absolutely is. you know, stories like kiana's are incredible inspiration for us and we just want to be here, want to participate, not only to celebrate the launch of this new event but to celebrate the launch of millions of bright lives. >> you see it making a difference. we want to make a difference here today. we're going to have a little competition right here. we're going to fill up these backpacks. amy, are you going to come and judge for us and set the clock. where do you want us to go? right here. >> let's do it. >> 30 seconds on the clock, guys. >> and the teams are going to race to see how many backpacks -- i'll get out of your way you can each place into the bin when you're done. put one thing in and put them in the bins. all for fun but is everybody ready, ready? okay, get set and go!
8:38 am
>> all: go, go, go, go. >> they already got one in there. >> go, go, go. >> all right. we have 17 seconds. speed it up. 12 seconds, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [ cheers and applause ] how many backpacks our volunteers were able to place in those bins when we come back and we are going to show you just how many boys and girls are going to benefit from the -- >> boys & girls club and the disney summer of service, find more on our website, on yahoo! and coming up, inside julia louis-dreyfus. she's here live.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
we'll have to get that story later from julia. julia louis-dreyfus can on a roll. two emmys in a row for her role on "veep." nominated for lead actress for scenes like these. >> can't identify myself as a woman. people can't know that. men hate that. and women who hate women hate that which i -- i believe is pose women. i think you'll dig it. let's raise minimum wage. blind people are people too. a very enjoyable read. complex. i'm exhausted.
8:42 am
the journey is endless, you know, global, issues -- i call it some new beginnings because it's plural. god bless you. et cetera. do you think i'm ruthless? >> no. >> enough? >> enough? >> yeah. >> and julia louis-dreyfus joins us now. you seem to have so much fun playing salina meyer. >> why wouldn't i? she's such horrible person and yet at the same time i understand why she is. so it's -- she's very vain and seeking power and not feeling power. >> for all the wrong reasons. >> for all the wrong reasons although she thinks they're the right reasons and so, yeah, i love playing her. >> she's veep but at the end of last season she became -- >> spoiler alert. >> last season. >> this past season, yeah. >> i know, just in case people haven't seen it. hbo. >> becoming president and running on her own. >> yes, exactly. well she becomes president sort
8:43 am
of by default in a strange way and while at the same time she comes in third in the new hampshire primary -- >> not so good. >> not so good. >> when she becomes president i think was my favorite scene all last season. it looked like you were actually truly laughing through the entire -- >> oh, yeah, that scene with tony hill and the bathroom, yes, yes, well, she kind of loses it. she becomes hysterical. >> it'shaed and in real life, every politician in d.c. seems to want to bond with you every time you come down. i love this video with you and vice president biden at the white house correspondents dinner and show a little as we talk. i could not believe that he would actually go through this whole thing -- you guys basically produced a little film right there. >> totally. look at that of the key to get into the west wing. ha, ha, ha. yeah, we did. and it was absolutely amazing. we got to go into the oval office as you can see -- >> whoa. don't touch the desk.
8:44 am
>> and shoot this in about ten seconds. there were -- as you can imagine. >> get out of here right away. >> and there were so many limitations that what we could do but it was a dream to do it and with michelle obama in it, too in the white house kitchen. we just had a ball. >> what was great, he was himself through the whole taping. >> yes, exactly and it was -- and i -- it was very important that he -- to him and therefore to us that he didn't come off as, you know, silly or something so i became the horse's ass and he was cool. >> another project you're working on, you and your husband have collaborated on a documentary having to do with your dad. >> exactly. there's a documentary called "generosity of i" and go to generosity of, it's a documentary about an endowment my facet up. it's a collection of his art and it's been set up as an endow
8:45 am
many for the harlem children's zone. >> such fan as tick work in the city. >> yeah, they're the best. absolutely. and so, yeah, that was my dad right there. >> great it see him. great to see you again. all you fans of "veep" check it out on hbo and coming up, maggie gyllenhaal is here to talk about her brand-new political thriller, as well.
8:46 am
8:47 am
it is so great to have maggie gyllenhaal here with us this morning. everyone thinks it's great. she's starring in a brand-new political thriller. it's called "honorable woman" about a successful businesswoman who gets caught up in a firestorm when she tries to help connect israel and the west bank. take a look.
8:48 am
>> they don't want to you choose a palestinian. they want an israeli. >> doesn't matter what anyone wants, mr. meraji. >> we want to you choose a palestinian. >> i will choose whoever best protects the aims and ideals of this company. >> i want to ask you, i mean, obviously the middle east and the conflict going on has spiraled out of control recently so this is a timely topic but what drew you to this project? >> really it was the script which included, you know, a real considering of what was happening in the middle east and also a character like none i'd ever seen before. you know, a woman my age, she was like 35 and really both powerful and intelligent and graceful and also at the same time confused and broken and childlike like i think we all are, you know. >> your character's name is
8:49 am
nessa stein a businesswoman working on a data network linking israel and the west bank but she gets drawn into the larger political conflict. tell me about what happens. >> well, what happens is very complicated and it's worth, you know, watching. too difficult to explain. what i will say, i mean because at the moment it's true, we are in our real life in this world in the midst of something that's heartbreaking to watch. and i think sometimes when you see something in's at that feels impossible which is not to say that i don't believe in hope or reckon sail jason, i absolutely do but something that fees so impossible sometimes a piece of art can be a way into thinking and feeling about it and i tried to create a character who could maybe speak to both sides. >> what was your biggest challenge playing nessa? >> i mean, the experience was one of those special ones, you
8:50 am
know, they don't happen all the time so actually work, even though nessa goes through things that are so hard and horrible things are happening around her, work was actually pretty amazing. i would say the biggest challenge was working on this and having two small kids. >> i can understand that completely. i understand that you would love to be on "downtonabbey". >> i would like to be the pregnant third cousin or something that comes from america. i could be english. whatever they want, i'll do it. >> i hope they're listening. you would be fantastic on it and i believe you have a big broadway debut. >> sitting in the middle of times square thinking i'm going to be here every day, yeah, we're going to do "the real thing." stomach stafford's "the real thing" with ewan mcgregor. >> wow, so a busy mom, busy actress but those are all very good things. we cannot wait to watch "honorable woman." thank you very much. we really appreciate you stopping by. it premieres tonight on sundance tv and we will be right back. ♪ rnrnlays ori
8:51 am
airlimissf the s s amen8 h cham airlimissf the s s
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♪ this is going to be the best day ♪ "good morning america" brought to you by devry sufrts. >> we'll tie to get it done ahead of the rain. you did a great job on the backpacks. the boys & girls club and disney volunteers packed over 1800 and counting almost to our goal of 2,000, we have to get there. part of our great futures campaign for the boys & girls club. >> tomorrow we have enrique
8:54 am
iglesias in central park. have a great day, everyone.
8:55 am
>> hello, everyone, good morning, the last day of july, 8:56, karen rogers talking about the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: we have a disabled tanker on the schuylkill expressway westbound it caused a backlog, because of that there was an accident that happened within the congestion, two problems off to the side westbound at south street. we're jamming because of those problems right now. in lower salford township, montgomery county we have an accident involving a tractorrahaeysvil pd avenue ilodanticoa cloud looking ara in
8:56 am
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pomarotheay n key:.
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